Election of board and officials

In order to launch the new governing body for Cheerleading in England, initial board members will be appointed ex officio; with their role solely to work with the ICU to develop an organisation and structure, which can then be taken over by a democratically elected board at the end of year 2.

The structure of the elected board has been determined by the ICU Statutes & Rules of Governance and Operations. It may be agreed in the future that additional positions on the board are necessary or desired by SportCheer England, however, the following positions must be held, in order for the board to be operational:

Directors – The Board will consist of Seven (7) Directors as follows:

  • Two (2) Directors-at-Large;
  • Up to Four (4) Regional Representatives, one (1) from each of the following Districts:
    • South West and South East, inclusive of London
    • East of England and the East Midlands
    • West Midlands and North West
    • Yorkshire and the Humber, and North East
  • One (1) Director Representative of the Athletes

Regional Representatives must reside in the region for which they are nominated and elected for a minimum of 2 years. If a Regional Representative moves out of the region they were elected to represent they must resign to make way for the election of a replacement who resides in the Region.

Prior to elected officials, the appointment of Regional Representatives and Director representative of the athletes will be undertaken through a process of application, shortlisting and interviews by the initial board members, supported by the ICU.

In additional to the above roles, SportCheer England has currently appointed the following role:

  • Safeguarding Officer

SportCheer England will further appoint a Chair, Treasurer, and any additional positions deemed appropriate or necessary to the function of the board.

Current roles and positions

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