Update 30/09/19 – Chair of the Board has been appointed as follows:

After a recent final round of Chair interviews we would like to welcome Joanna Gamper Cuthbert as the new Chair of SportCheer England. Joanna has 15 years’ experience as an athlete, coach and gym owner, as well as having played a key role in the founding and establishment of Team England ParaCheer. Outside Cheerleading, Joanna is a professional education project manager, with a specialism in Dance. She has experience sitting on, chairing and reporting to charitable boards, and extensive experience presenting and public speaking.

The role of a chair can be summarised into 5 key responsibilities:

  • To provide leadership.
  • To ensure the board functions properly.
  • To ensure the organisation is managed effectively.
  • To provide support and guidance to the At Large Directors, National and Athlete reps.
  • To represent the organisation

“The Cheerleading community requires an NGB to exemplify integrity and accountability in our sport. I look forward to serving our community, by providing support and guidance to our board as they uphold these values, and take the next steps to full recognition as a National Governing Body.”

Joanna Gamper Cuthbert

We are sure you will join us in congratulating Joanna on this new position as we look forward to the next important steps for SportCheer England.

SportCheer England

Volunteer Chair of the Board Role Job Description

Job Title: Volunteer Chair of the Board Role

Location:  England

Salary: voluntary role

Responsible to: SportCheer England (SCE) board

Start date: Late June/early July 2019

Term length: 2 years

ROLE SUMMARY               

The volunteer Chair will be a member of the SCE NGB Board. The Chair will:

  • provide leadership to the board.
  • take responsibility for the board’s composition and development.
  • ensure proper information for the board.
  • plan and conduct board meetings effectively.
  • get all directors involved in the board’s work.
  • ensure the board focuses on its key tasks.
  • engage the board in assessing and improving its performance.
  • oversee the induction and development of directors.
  • support the At Large Directors.


  1. As well as being chair of the board, the postholder is expected to act as SportCheer England’s leading representative which will involve the presentation of SportCheer England’s aims and policies to the outside world.
  2. To take the chair at general meetings and board meetings. With regard to the latter this will involve: the determination of the order of the agenda; ensuring that the board receives accurate, timely and clear information; keeping track of the contribution of individual directors and ensuring that they are all involved in discussions and decision-making. At all meetings the chair should direct discussions towards the emergence of a consensus view and sum up discussions so that everyone understands what has been agreed.
  3. To take a leading role in determining the composition and structure of the board. This will involve regular reviews of the overall size of the board, the balance between executive and non-executive directors and the balance of age, experience and personality of the directors.
  4. To ensure effective communication with shareholders and, where appropriate, the stakeholders.


This role is by appointment of the At Large Directors, and will involve an interview process.

(Application Deadline: 24th May 2019)

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