The following policies have been prepared by SportCheer England to be formally approved at the 2021 AGM on 08/12/2021:

These policies have been released publicly ahead of the 2021 AGM in order to provide an immediate framework for national team athletes, coaches and management to follow in the case of disciplinary or other relevant procedures relating to the Code of Conduct.

In the event they are required, where policies refer to the formation of panels and sub-committees not yet appointed, these will be formed by a composite of the current Board or other senior and experienced members of the UK Cheer Community.  It is the intention of SportCheer England to appoint these panels and sub-committees as soon as possible in 2022.

Where these policies refer to further polices not yet in place (for example: Selection Policy), it is the intention of SportCheer England that these will be prepared in time for the AGM, or in the case that they are not, the vote will be made “in principle”, on the proviso that the additional policies are created and approved as soon as possible.

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