Update 19 August 2021:
The RTP document has been updated and is now available:
The RTP document is in the process of being updated to reflect new guidance and will be published on our website in due course.
Update 10 December 2020:
The new Return to Play document (reflective of the new Tier System) and the new Risk Assessment template (reflective of the new RTP document) are now available:
Note: the original RTP document has been removed to avoid confusion. The updated RTP document can be found above.
Update 22 October 2020:
We are extremely pleased to let you know that today we received confirmation from the DCMS that our Return to Play document has been approved. This is great news for our cheer and dance community and means that some athletes can at last return to stunting, which is at the very core of our sport. 
Note: the original RTP document has been removed to avoid confusion. The updated RTP document (reflective of the Tier System) can be found above.
Please ensure that you read carefully the new document, paying particular attention to the Road Map section which sets out what is allowed during training at each level (for example how much time can be spent in close contact) and direct any questions to us directly at sportcheerengland@gmail.com
Note: out of date information regarding the tier system has been removed from here to avoid confusion. For the latest information about the tier system, please visit www.sportcheerengland.org/tier-system
You can find further information on how sport is impacted by the Tier system from Sport England here: https://www.sportengland.org/how-we-can-help/coronavirus
We will continue to issue information on the impact of the Tier system on Cheerleading as it develops.  
We thank you all for your support and willingness to advocate for not only SportCheer England but our cheerleading community in recent months and we hope that this news brings excitement and comfort to you all in these difficult times.
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